Printed in Germany, Kehrer.

Editor and design Andrej Krementschouk

112 pages, 66 b&w photographs

208mm x 245mm


Selected title German Photo Book Award 2012


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 The Donbass a huge coal and industrial area in the east of Ukraine , is one of the major metropolitan areas in Eastern Europe.
You will find Donbass  expressive black and white photographs that have emerged 1994-2010. Then, people and landscapes, still lifes and houses from the Ukrainian Donbass regions Luhansk to see and Donetsk. 
 One can see the tired faces of coal workers underground, an elderly man leaning exhausted on his pickax, a woman. Man stroking her dying or dead on his deathbed tenderly on the cheek. And you see smiling faces, two coal worker, play the guitar and sing along and the endless Ukrainian countryside, the ridged and shaped by coal mining was. 
People and landscapes come to life here.


by Dewi Lewis Publishing 2017

Design & Layout: Teun van der Heijden

 225mm x 300mm

edition:  1 000 copies 72 photos

ISBN: 978-1-911306-06-1   


Award, LES PRIX DU LIVRE 2017 in Arles.





After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became necessary in the newly independent Ukraine to replace old Soviet passports with the new Ukrainian ones. There was a rush to accomplish this in the shortest possible time. All Ukrainians had to get a new passport within a year. In 1994, the social services of Luhansk, a town in southeast of Ukraine, started offering photographers a job of shooting passport photos in homes of the elderly and ill citizens, who could not pay a photographer on their own. I was one of the photographers commissioned by the social services to go door to door during this national passportisation campaign.

First edition, 2020
Photography and text: Alexander Chekmenev
Ukrainian translation: Oleksandra Osadcha
English translation: Volha Mikhnovich
Endpaper: Andriy Yermolenko
Retoucher: Andriy Lomakin
Design: Calin Kruse / FLUUT Grafik-Design
Editor: Sergiy Lebedynskyy
ISBN: 978-3-947922-04-8
Print run: 500 copies + 50 limited edition copies with artist print
Size: 200×240 mm (two blocks, 64 and 56 pages).





Psychiatric clinic, Ukraine, 1999.  


...I got an old mechanical Rolleiflex with a black and white film out of the bag. I seated each patient by the window, handed a bouquet of artificial white lilies and asked "smile please". Then I ran into a big problem - not all sick people could smile. But I tried to make everyone laugh. Even the most difficult patients wanted to get a bunch of flowers and look into the camera... 

P.S. Later I transferred 100 black and white photos to the clinic for memory.

1. Edition 02/2021
Text by Donald Weber
Book design by 89books
132 pages
17 x 23 cm
65 color photographs, 6 BW photographs
Digital print

ISBN 978-88-944092-8-4





Ambulance in Luhansk 1994-1995 


Look at Sasha’s photographs in this book. See how they have tied the dead man’s wrists off with clean white rags, and placed his battered head on a perch of kindness?
They’re troublesome, disturbing – they are certainly not easy to engage with.
You have every right to be disturbed by them. I certainly am.
But there’s something more to these photographs than just easy gore; think of them as images drawn from Ukraine’s bitter history, where its exposure to new armies
and ideologies on Europe’s eastern flanks has made it the premier killing ground
for a thousand years.

Donald Weber



"Black and white photographs".

Album from series «Ukrainian photography»

ArtBook Publishing, Kiev, 2008.

edition:  1 000 copies

Ua/Eng. - 124 pages.

101 photos

 ISBN: 978-966-96916-4-4


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"Black and white photographs"

Album of the series of the Ukrainian black and white photography 1993-2007.

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