• The work of an ambulance in Luhansk in 1994-1995


        On 9 May on the Day for the Commemoration of Victory in the Great Patriotic War we arrived to a private home following a call. The floor had been sprayed with blood a little old woman was holding her head. When asked what happened she cried and said that her husband, who she had lived with for more than 30 years, fractured her skull with an axe. This was how Victory Day turned out.


    On Easter Night in 1995 if I’m not mistaken nothing happened from one accident it happened at night on a bridge two cars didn’t want to yield the road to each other and like Easter eggs they knocked against each other, there was a head-on collision. In one car there were gangsters and in the other there were cops as we thought then. They were in civilian clothes but armed. Of the ten victims a couple of bandits died and we don’t know anything about the fate of the policemen, they  took them away to a special hospital.


    There were strange callouts. So we left with the police to an unidentified body. A person lay under a bedsheet on the road. We lifted the bedsheet and discovered a naked extremely drunk woman, she was alive we were all glad.



    A husband fell out with his wife and she left thae house. At night she returned and unexpectedly struck him in the head with some thing metal and ran away. While they gave him first aid he was amazed the entire time and couldn’t understand why.