•  I make a photos during Euromaidan in Kiev, Ukraine, every day for 2 months, something happened around and I realized that in the bulk of the events I do not see a particular person. I wanted to put attention to the hero-defender of democratic values. Not all Euromaidan participants agreed to give their names and many were afraid to show their faces. People clearly understand the situation and waiting for a decisive battle for their independence, democracy and for a new life against bloody and violent criminal regime. People risked their life and limb - regime can apply for them repressions and prison terms. As for me, all of these "warriors" were the heroes for the simple reason because they were ready to go up against the army of armed government troops with a homemade weapons, a kids toy swords shields and spears. On February 20th 2014 there was a bloody tragedy in the centre of the Kiev - Snipers (soldiers of Ukrainan special forces and Russian intelligence officers dressed as Ukrainian forces) perform a mass execution of people with wooden and aluminum shields ... About 100 people have been killed.

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