In Polissya, cranberries are collected by families and overpass tens of kilometers by forests and swamps. If you are not lazy, you can collect a bag of cranberries a day and make supplies for the winter and make good money. In the marshes, Ukrainians enter the territory of Belarus.

       In the early 2000s, border guards already exhibited outfits, and Ukrainians, who were found in Belarusian swamps, were deported. If you met on the way to the swamp - did not start up.

    In order not to get to the border guards, the Ukrainians sneaked into the swamp and broke camps there. They lived for several weeks, collected cranberries and stored the berry in sacks in the swamp and one day a week they were taken away in a big truck. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, cranberries have been the only means of earning for these people for many years.


    The Old Village is a village, the center of the Staroselsky village council of the Rokitnovsky district of the Rivne region of Ukraine. The population according to the 2001 census was 2880 people.


    September 2003