•         These pictures were taken at the Main Military Clinical Hospital, in Kiev, where he photographed dozens of men who were injured during the protracted conflict between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian authorities. They are mostly Ukrainian servicemen, but some are members of volunteer battalions that offer the Army additional support. All were wounded in battles with pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.   

            The injuries being treated at the military hospital speak volumes about the severity of the fighting. Many of the men have lost arms and legs, and the more extreme cases can expect to remain hospitalized for a year. The conflict between Kiev and the separatists, now in its sixth month, has resulted in the deaths of at least twenty-two hundred Ukrainians, and recent reports suggest that more than a million have been displaced.    The series contains 50 portraits of wounded soldiers and volunteers in Eastern Ukranian war confict. 

             This project was carried out as an aid to wounded soldiers for a charity auction in which famous Ukrainian artists took part. About $ 400,000 was raised for treatment and support.