Good luck gentlemen or all business in a hat
  •       Series of works filmed from 2018 to 2020, Kiev, Ukraine.


           I bought my first hat from the ground, on  flea market.You just needed to help out the seller and buy at least something from him. On the same day, the hat went from hand to hand, or rather, over the head. Since then, taking pictures of the homeless, on occasion I bought another hat at a flea market and carried it with me until the hat found its new owner.   


          All hats were given as a gift to those whom he took off, if they agreed. I remember that after Tyson, no one wanted to wear a hat, it was in the Yunost market, where not only his youth but also the life of Tyson, a homeless man with twenty-five years of experience, ended.   


          All stories are recorded, all hats are given away, but the project continues like life..